Web of One

WEB of ONE is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where they are one of the freshest and most unique bands of the West Coast Devotional, Bhakti / Kirtan and Conscious music scene. Founders Eostar and Mathias come from different musical backgrounds!

Mathias was co-founder of the Boulder, CO based psychedelic jam band “Double Dose” touring nationally between 1987-2005. Double Dose released 3 CDs: “Sense of Spirit”, “Live at the Idaho 2001 Rainbow Gathering” and “Live from the Launch Pad”.

Eostar was founder of the Eugene, OR based devotional, Celtic, world music band “Fearless Love”. She composed and played mostly spiritual, yogic and New Age world music and led regular kirtan and sound-healing events. Eostar’s first album, was named “Devotion”, and her second album, “Rose and Lotus”, was released in the spring of 2011.

In WEB of ONE, Mathias and Eostar blend their uniquely different musical notions into a living and breathing performance geared towards uplifting the consciousness of the listeners and inspiring them to dance. This transcendental sound is intended to resonate in the deepest of one’s heart, transporting one into a state of bliss through ecstatic singing, dance and movement. WEB of ONE’s songwriting talents reflect a depth of feeling and understanding of the human experience, while also incorporating the magic of ancient Sanskrit mantras from India.

Both Eostar and Mathias have performed at many festivals including the Synthesis festival of Chichen Itza (Mexico), Oregon Country Fair, Mystic Garden Party, Raw Spirit Festival, Faerieworlds, Pranafest, New Earth Festival, Peace Village Festival, the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference, Burning Man, and the Dreamtime Festival.

WEB of ONE is now complete with Nigel Wolovick on keyboard, Richard Cole on bass, and Chris Pugmire on drums.

Nigel’s musical talents have led him to play an amazing collection of different instruments including saxophone, flute, keyboard, guitar, bass and upright bass. He has been accompanying many outstanding musicians in the world of spiritual/conscious music and kirtan on the West Coast. Nigel has opened up for Stephen Marley, Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Roomful of Blues, Cheb i Sabbah and he used to lead the band called The Jazz Mosaic in the Boston area.

Richard Cole, originally from England, started gigging with bands with names like Wandering Spirit, Flying Colours and Zed, then touring with The Mannish Boys first in Europe and then with the help Rolling Stones producer and friend Jimmy Miller coming to the U.S.A to record and tour.

Chris Pugmire is a talented, multi-faceted and dynamic trap-kit drummer. He has played with many conscious bands in the San Francisco Bay Area .

In 2013 WEB of ONE released their long-awaited first live album: “West Coast Alive!”. The high quality recordings on the album were collected through 2011-2012 during WEB of ONE tours on the West Coast. To listen and watch live performances of WEB of ONE’s music and find out about upcoming shows please visit www.WEBofONE.net