10,000 Facets of The Goddess!
Shona Keeli Jones

I will be speaking from my soul as DIVINE FLOW discussing becoming an Instrument of the Divine through Astrally Inspired Words, Sacred Ceremony, Grounding Ancestors Meditation, Partner Tantra Practice, Dancing, Yoga, Sound, Bio of Breath and Mantra; as we Rekindling the Union between Mother Earth/Father Sky!

~Woman’s only workshop!

-Beginning with a Womban’s Circle and Grounding Mediation Ceremonial Style.
-Tantra Partner exercise, Goddess Cleanings and Eye Gazing.
-Discussion on the “Holly Grail” and Offering to Mother Earth!
-Bio of Breath and Mantra.
-Yoni Yoga and Sound Healing.
-Dancing with the Divine through blind folded guided ecstatic dance.
-Womban’s Circle and Sharing from the Heart Space.

Mother Goddess is reawakening, and we can begin to recover our primal birth right, the sheer, intoxicating joy of being alive. We can open new eyes and see that there is nothing to be saved from, no struggle of life against the universe, no God outside the world to be feared and obeyed; only the Goddess, the Mother, the turning spiral that whirls us in and out of existence, whose winking eye is the pulse of being-birth, death, rebirth-whose laughter bubbles and courses through all things and who is found only through love; love of trees, of stones, of sky and clouds, of scented blossoms and thundering waves; of all that runs and flies and swims and crawls on her face; through love of ourselves; life-dissolving world-creating love of each other; each of us unique and natural as a snowflake, each of us or own star, her Child, her lover, her beloved, her Self”

Divine Flow.