5Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers
Rachel Jordana

5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body – that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness ™

Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and the dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching all languages, cultures, and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness, and awareness into action. Wherever the 5Rhythms are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free.

Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that – energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance. ~ Gabrielle Roth

Anyone of any age, size, or physical ability is welcomed. Tell your friends and bring them along. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Come join us in the dance!

Rachel Jordana Horodezky is a licensed clinical psychologist, the founder of creative dance psychology, a certified yoga teacher and a 5Rhythms teacher. She teaches workshops nationally and internationally and is currently in the process of writing a manual for dance psychology. She holds a therapy private practice in Santa Cruz, works part time in community mental health and is adjunct faculty in the Holistic Department at JFKU. For more information on her weekly ecstatic dance classes please visit www.creativedancepsychology.com