Access the Akashic Records
Mist Smith

The Akashic Records are the place where past lives, future lives, and present time live. Transformation on all levels of being is possible in this place. It is the center of the heart, which is the Oneness, and from this place, we can learn to access the future of our dreams as a human species. Come learn a variety of entry points into the Akashic Records for the purpose of healing both past life and current life trauma so that you can live into a new way of being in the world. Learn how to receive direct Guidance from your Angels in clear words whenever you need it, and access a pure vibration of Love that will free you from all of the prisons that you have created for yourself.

Ramistael (“Mist”) Smith has been working in the Akashic Records since 2010 in this lifetime and in many lifetimes previous. She is a channel, a mentor, and a teacher in the realms of consciousness exploration and multi-dimensional travel. She has been studying and practicing Reiki and Earth-based spirituality since 2006. Mist has apprenticed with Jaden Rose Phoenix (Seattle, WA) and studied the work of Drunvalo Melchizidiek, the ancient practice of t’ai chi, and the modern practice of Kunlun. Having moved across the country because her Guides told her to, Mist has found, community, tribe, and home on the West Coast.