Acoustic-Electro Dub Sound Healing Yoga Theta DNA Activation Session
Rocker-T, Ilee Lou and Yogarina Heartfly Blake

Exuberantly elevate your frequency!

Experience introduction to relaxing energy points on the head, group, partner & self connectivity experiments, yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Tao Gung, Theta Healing & chanting – all with live acoustic-electro dub sound healing by Dubsmashers Rocker-T & Ilee Lou.

In this environment, you will be offered the opportunity to receive effortless energy block clearings & DNA activations, if you choose. It is possible to experience high vibrational levels of bliss!

This guided journey is designed to nurture, inspire & ignite one’s BEing. Are you ready to raise your frequencies? Enter in & BE-AM up! Om

Yogarina Heartfly guides uplifting, connective, heart-opening, blisstopia-feeling movement, group ceremonies & retreats. She heart-wisdom blends pure divine introspective connection, love & peace. Heartfly is a yoga, pilates & dance instructor, as well as a certified Access BARS Facilitator, Theta Healer, Reiki, Infant Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapist. She holds classes & sessions with babies, families, individuals & groups.

Rocker T and Ilee Lou are soul brothers. They have studied Nya Binghi chanting, drumming & played music together for many years. Rocker T has been practicing Tibetan Yoga & Tao Gung for most of his life. He has been singing & composing music his entire life. Ilee Lu is a loving husband & father of 2 children who spends his time cultivating his family or beating on drums. Together, as Dubsmashers, these two dynamic souls create a modern interpretation of ancient.