An Introduction To Dancing The Goddess Tara
Adora Deva, Pia Hagan, Raga Wiley

Tara – Goddess, Mother, Buddha Essence of the Enlightened Feminine

The tantric Buddhist practices that we will work with, invoking Tara, the great Mother of Wisdom and Compassion, is composed of various rituals, prayers, mantras and meditations.

We will be invoking the 21 praises of Tara and dancing her qualities.
These all have the sole purpose of awakening our inner wisdom, freeing our ability to radiate loving compassion. These practices help us to develop ways of moving skillfully, with the intent to heal and to bring benefit in all our actions, thoughts and communications.

Tara’s Mantra : “I am here to Bless and Empower All” Om Tara!

The Tara Mandala Dance is a unique form of meditative practice. The dance was choreographed in 1985 as a lineage practice. The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is a ritual dance offered worldwide as a prayer of peace, protection, wisdom and capability. Created by Prema Dasara, the dance has been turning since 1985 and has been turning in many countries around the world.

Pia Hagan is an Artist, Singer & Personal Chef. As 20 year student of Tai Chi she continues to explore, grow and seek the wisdom that rests within. She is a level 2 teacher of Tara Dhatu and has been leading a weekly circle of dancers for a year and a half. She has been a student of Prema Dasara, the Spiritual Director of Tara Dhatu for 7 years. With the substantial positive changes in her own life from these practices and praises of Tara, she aspires to share this profound gift of self reflection and empowerment with others. Through our work together we can bring balance back to the earth.

Adora Deva is a Wellness Practitioner with offices in Santa Cruz and San Jose. Adora’s heart philosophy is to inspire and empower people to recognize their own magnificence and divinity. Her interest in Divine Dance led her to teach her own classes in ‘Ecstatic Dance – Dance Your Prayers’ in Santa Cruz from 2003 to 2005. She now leads Dances of Universal Peace and Tara Dances. She is a level 1 teacher of Tara Dhatu and has been co- leading with Raga Wiley since October 2013.

Raga Wiley – Has been co-leading Tara Dance with Adora at Land of the Medicine Buddha since October 2013.