Awakening Clairvoyance
Finch and Saera

Want to connect to your higher psychic senses? Join Saera and Finch on a journey of exploration into telepathy and clairvoyant seeing. We will outline related concepts before diving in to a multi-layered experience that will help you connect to these abilities.

Saera currently lives with her family in a vibrant village in the mountains near Santa Cruz. Currently offering her talents as a Clairvoyant to clients around the globe to assisting with soul retrieval, d.n.a. restructuring, psychic awakenings & adjustments and more… A woman of multi-dimensional sewing, dance, song, herbal wisdom, visionary art, story telling and elemental communication.

Finch has been practicing the intuitive arts for 11 years and specializes in claircognizance and channeled guidance. A natural affinity to the direct path has led him to work with strong medicines and powerful spirit guides. The cosmic frequency of moldavite is a particularly strong ally, which he alchemizes with other stones to create meditation pieces for deep journeys.