Brian Paul Smith

Digital Alchemist Brian Paul Smith’s Art could be placed into many genres, but transcends them all and leaves him in a Creative Class by himself. Which is just the way he likes it.

His Visionary, Geometric, Entheogenic, Interdimentional,, Spectral, Holographic Fractal Mandalas and Dreamscapes are unlike anything you have ever seen. Brian’s Art continues to enthrall audiences worldwide wherever its shown. Many authorities on the subject consider his work to be the most accurate visual representation of the entheogenic experience ever created.

“My objective is to create images that no one else has ever thought of before. Many people tell me I’m an Artistic Genius or a Shaman. Mabye I am. I only know that all of us have the same infinite potential. I have simply decided that the most interesting thing I can do with my time on earth is to find out just how far I can go towards reaching my fullest creative expression. At this point in my life, nothing else matters.”

“If you devote yourself and the majority of your time to a singular goal, (in my case making art) there is no telling how far you can go. We live in a time unprecedented in history. i consider this age the greatest time ever to be an artist. ” A Global Renaissance is emerging. Welcome to the Golden Age of Visionary Art. We have a world to transform, so Time to get busy. ”

“I am merely a messenger. An Ambassador of sorts, and a planter of seeds. I am a tool for an intelligence far greater then my own individual ego self. I take no credit for my artistic creations beyond my willingness to surrender and participate in a plan much bigger then anything I could ever conceive. My prime directive is to create images that speak a universal source language. A language embedded in every molecule of creation. Images that awaken dormant parts of our own intelligence and untapped potential. Images that break down the veil of separation and reveal a window to the infinite source of everything. LOVE! LOVE is all there is. Awaken my fellow incarnate souls to the reality that we are all connected at the source. We are infinite, Eternal and have all agreed to participate in a Grand Illusion. A Divine Dance. We are only here for a little while. Each of us is an Eternal Vibrational Light Being with the exact same unlimited potential. Step up and claim your Birthright. Discover your Eternal Universal Rainbow Light Body. ”

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