Cacao Yogi ( Union) – Ceremony of the Sol
Nathaniel Finkelstein

This is an interactive journey to open up the allowance of our group to set intentions and share prayers with the Spirit of Cacao.

As we imbibe this “food of the gods/goddess” we unite with the elements and directions to allow for an organic blossoming of ecstatic union to take place . Union with our goals, visions, aspirations, and supreme truth held in our heart.

We allow for the group energy to organically direct the ceremony tuning in with the space and people.

Includes cacao alter space and plenty of a drinking cacao elixir infused with a variety of other botanical essences and such as cacao being our primary base.
Also includes cacao Shri chakra ( 3d Shri yantra ) chocolate sculptures to grid space.

My intention is to open a light hearted loving safe space for people to open up to allowing the medicine to heal anything ready to be healed and invite vibrant fresh and new light onto life as we focus on the energy of the Sun (sol) which is the primary ruling planetary influence of cacao- as well as that actually alchemically prepared “Oil of Gold ” (another correspondence of the sun) which is included in the ceremonial cacao elixir.

Actual chocolate bars ( raw , organic , high grade )of chocolate unicorns and other special varieties may also be made available upon further request and monetary exchange.