Compassionate Connections

Scott & Emily will provide all participants with practical tools for relationship challenges We always adapt to the specfic needs and interests of those present. We will start with Emily’s Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Invocation, and Scott’s Prayer that connects us to our Heart. All participants will receive worksheets and docs to take home with them,. Highlights of the class include learning how to change the neurological pathways of the brain. How to go from the reactive reptile brain to the responsive fore-brain (frontal lobes), especially when triggered. We will work with the participants on answering their questions about relationship and connection to SOURCE, SELF and EACH OTHER.

Scott Catamas is an Internationally acclaimed “Love Coach”, specializing in Conscious Connections, Communication and Relationships. He has won multiple EMMY awards as a writer and producer of educational television, and his work has been broadcast nationally over NBC, FOX, HBO, SHOWTIME, UPN, PBS, etc. Scott transitioned into teaching & coaching in 2005; Since that time, Scott has facilitated over 500 classes, events & workshops AND has personally coached thousands including over 300 couples, families and small businesses throughout the U.S., Europe & Asia. Over the past several years, Scott’s popularity as a speaker and teacher has grown exponentially. In 2012, Scott started “The Love Coach Academy” as a way to train others to coach & teach. He now offers one or two retreats each month throughout the U.S. & Europe, and each one usually sells out. He has served as a mentor to a wide variety of individuals nationwide. 707-295-7406

Emily Orum Marshall, HHP, CMT is A Relationship Coach, holistic educator and facilitator, transformative speaker, sound healing and music pioneer, energy medicine practitioner, intuitive empath and singer/songwriter. Emily utilizes over 10 years of healing in a multitude of therapeutic modalities with numerous certifications including over 2,500 hours of body/ energy work and sound healing and counseling. ‘Founder and Facilitator of Refuge of the Womb: aligning and educating women to reclaim their sacred truth, power, and embody healthy, compassionate, loving relationships. She is an advocate of health, wellness, peace and social community activism. She is passionate about her work helping individuals re-pattern unhealthy patterns, habits, false beliefs and core woundings into catalysts for transformation, healing, and spiritual awakening. She is an avid singer & ceremonialist using music & sound to facilitate inspiration, restoration, and empowerment in the community. 925-330-5498

Love Coach Scott & Emily unite together as a Dynamic Duo providing a safe and powerful container of love for transformation, empowerment and building harmony is relationships. They have the ability to identify and re-pattern hindering core patterns and beliefs that hold people back from their true nature of love. Their passion is helping couples to remember the love and reignite passion and intimacy in their relationship. Scott & Emily have a deep appreciation for the complexity of relationship and embrace all aspects of the human experience. They are a “New Paradigm Duo”, unique in many ways. Their work is profound, playful and fun!