Darren Minke

I am fascinated by the sensual beauty of nature and the myths we create to explain our place within her infinite expressions. It is my mission to balance the history of patriarchal religion and culture with the re-emerging consciousness of the sacred feminine in the hope that we may bring balance to a world that has pushed itself to the brink of self-destruction. I blend symbols from native wisdom traditions with modern myths to create images that will hopefully inspire us to help heal our planet and our souls as we learn to live in harmony with each other and our world. This is the prayer that is my art.

With my Stain Paintings, I take pieces of raw wood and apply layers of stain to bring out hidden images I see within the grain of the wood. It is a purely intuitive process, revealing archetypal projections from my subconscious mind in dialogue with the nature of the wood. The imagery that emerges tells stories of mythical dramas and emotional states that often resonate deeply with the soul of the viewer.

Darren Minke person

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