Expressions of Gaia
Gail Trojanowski-Holbrook

A unique piece of art on the computer while being projected onto a large screen for participants to follow. A meditation to clear and ask for Divine Spirit to come and work through me/us, inspiring music playing to help tune into certain frequencies so that the art that is created has the ability to shift consciousness (while creating and for the end viewer) and a hands on tutorial where all participants will contribute ideas, thoughts and feelings to co-create a unique piece of digital art that will be donated to the Bilss Camp Festival for future use, auction, etc. This workshop will be an empowering space complete with a questions and answers session, and inspire participants to easily create art that wants to flow through them.

Art has always inspired me, in awe of all the people who have created “something out of nothing”. When I discovered Sacred Geometry, I immersed myself in learning about it, a bit obsessed with learning all I could. I was incredibly impressed that Leonardo Da Vinci studied sacred geometry intensively, trying to understand the Fibronacci Spiral as found everywhere in nature, in attempt to replicate the Golden Means Spiral of Creation. As the codes, awakenings and shifts incredible life force that have resulted from continually bring Sacred Geometry into the art that flows through me, I can get so passionately inspired, becoming lost in its infinite design for hours, emerging later with no concept of time. A delicious aphrodisiac leading to many Artgasms!

Many times I will be inspired to just create, and when I enter prayer, and ask for Divine Love to flow through, then the resulting art holds a vibration that is beyond ordinary. It actually serves a purpose that, with meditation and presence, can change your vibration and elevate your energy. Most of the time I have no plan, and I am in just as much awe and amazement when I stop and reflect on what has just come through. Yumm!

I like to inspire other people to feel this same place within themselves and encourage everyone to give themselves permission to create without judgment. To create without attachment to outcome. To create with feeling. To just create and heal themselves. To create and share our unique gifts with the world!