Fairy Tale Yoga
Luiza Caroli

The Green Snake and the beautiful Lily tells the story of a snake that sought gold on the path and In eating it became strong enough to build a bridge for the princess to have her kingdom united again to its treasure and wisdom. In practicing yoga asana you are given the opportunity to tune into your breath and drop into meditative space. As emotions are released and memories activated, and we have the chance to re-wire the connection, healing the body and mind. The spirit communicates in images and in listening to a fairytale one connects to archetypal images whose relationship aspects were composed into stories by our ancestors.

This is a slow moving yin style class that allows for a deep stretch at a slow pace, offered with the re-telling of an alchemical fairytale by Goethe.

My body is my playground and yoga is one of my favorite ways to play. I graduated from teacher training with Divine light yoga in Santa Cruz this spring, after 10 years of steady practice. Since 2012 I have been sharpening my storytelling skills working as a Waldorf teacher and have greatly benefited from their richness in imagery in connecting my imagination to higher realms.