Hanuman Loves a Hipster: Devoted Yoga Flow
April Martin

Shift your shape and fly on high, like Hanuman way up in the sky. Be like the funky monkey of love and devotion. From your hips to your head to your heart, embrace this moving art. Let’s get together and awaken to, the beauty and love buried deep inside every one of you!
This is an Every Body hatha flow accompanied by hip beats, your vibe, your breath and lots of love…

April Martin is a fireball of energy racing at light speed to that space, that place, where she is floating, free of body, free of mind, aware of all, knowing of all, and at peace with all., STOP. Breathe. That space, that place will always be. So enjoy the journey. Five deep breaths. Count them, slowly. Sit, breathe and be…. Yoga. April has studied intensely with Chandra Om and Sri Dharma Mittra and is currently and joyfully deepening her practice of yoga with Saul David Raye. She is the co-creator and a teacher at Om Shala Yoga in Arcata, CA, a thriving and welcoming school that promotes wellness through yoga, ecstatic dance, massage, sauna and an environment of beauty, education and comfort.