Hoop Dance Yoga Fusion Playshop
Bri Summers

A conscious flow of meditative movement. Beginning focused on grounding in our center, breathing through the core & opening with our hoops. Intent on lubricating & elongating the body. Stepping into creative play with our hoops. Flowing into on & off body hoop trick tutorials with options for all levels. I invite you to bring your own hoop.

Bri experienced an early love with dance and performance. Gaining a background of ballet and jazz as a young girl, and utilizing those skills in Theater, She then found hoop dance at the age of 20, rekindling her passion for free, potent, radical self expression and performance art. Since then she has worked to co-create moments where her movements transform her hoop into a portal. Opening to give glimpses of new universes bursting with energy and simultaniously flowing with grace through the story being told as a visual epic. During her years as a performance artist and choreographer, Bri has found purpose and infinite potential in the form of kinetic living, discovering peace at the eye of the storm. As a Hoop dance instructor she focuses on each of her students on an individualized basis, connecting to the intention of what they are hoping to accomplish and supporting their vision to be manifest. Bri believes her most potent way to gift back to her community is through riveting, rhythmic renditions of dance paired seamlessly with the magnificent power of sound. Her ambition is to coax out into the sunlight every beings innate and divine gifts and abilities by reflecting hers. Bri feels a deep gratitude to the earth and all who live upon her, aspiring to bring awareness to our combined purpose here and thanking each moment as a single, beautiful, chance to be present in love. This is the idea she wishes to plant into her audiences hearts, minds and spirits with her dance.