Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang (Tao Abdominal Massage)
Ellen Kane

Chi Nei Tsang is an internal organ massage. It can be given to another or even to oneself (self-massage). I will give some of the theoretical background (with handout) and then demonstrate practical application of how one can access the various organs, including their location within the abdominal cavity and the various techniques used in this type of abdominal massage. Workshop attendees will practice on each other, and one is welcome to come with a friend, but it is not necessary. Chi Nei Tsang facilitates detoxification of our internal organs, leading to greater health and vitality.

I first studied Chi Nei Tsang with Lee Holden while studying Asian Bodywork through Five Branches, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA. Lee Holden learned this form of bodywork from Master Mantak Chia from Thailand. As a close friend of Mantak’s, Lee Holden has brought Master Chia to Santa Cruz numerous times, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend some of the workshops he’s offered, including a 2 day workshop on Chi Nei Tsang.

I have been practicing Chi Nei Tsang on others for the last 8 years and have received only positive feedback from clients and friends. I am passionate about the healing attributes of Chi Nei Tsang and strongly believe that everyone can benefit from learning the importance and practical application of “belly rubbing” to facilitate the detoxification of our internal organs.