Kriyavati Puja and Hyper Sonic Sound Healing – Kundalini Galactivation of the Heart Mind Union
Matthew Machu & Ani Clearmoon

Awareness to Freedom, Freedom to Awareness. Rooted in the tradition of Kriyavati and carried through the Mystery School for ages, kundalini is here to ignite the inner DNA soul and help us breathe life-force into our challenges and our bliss. Handed from Master Kriyanna, the teachings of the “red-feminine” path of spiritual acceleration will be brought and practiced through facilitators Matthew Machu and Ani Clearmoon, offering the experience the master calls “Waves of Bliss” ! It is important to note that this puja, and this path of Kriyanna is not sexually focused, though it does use touch and energy connection. There will be no respectable boundaries crossed.

First, ceremony will begin with circle, alter collaboration, personal greetings, and intention setting. Then we will swing into a sound healing “tune-up” with Machu’s powerful didgeridoo, accompanied with Native American Ani’s medicine songs, Tibetan Bowls, shruti boxes, and group chants. Then, warrior participants will be carefully lead through practices of safe spiritual guardianship, trust accountability, and goal setting. This will set the stage for the awakening to come. Next, participants will be lead through a series of self-induced kundalini activations. This can be a profound leap of energy as the dust is shaken and shells relieved. We will enter into eye-gazing circles and light touch energy sharing. We may then move group touch healing in which several participants encircle one person at a time, responding with loving tender touch to the desires and constraints of the appreciated one. Finally, we will combine the kundalini practices and/or touch with didgeridoo and drum sound healing for a climactic vibrationally intensive cosmic healing. Offerings and prayers for the whole of humanity and beyond will be offered with the sacrament of our collective spiritual experience. Pains may be unearthed, restrictions arise, and tenderly or explosively moved. New awareness of higher levels of bliss and primary ecstasy may be discovered. In all ways, this will be a very special treat for all!