Living Mantras: Empowering Your Life with Sacred Sound
Jordan Leahy

The earth around us sings with empowering sacred sounds. Our bodies and minds are a rainbow of blissful sound energy. Mystical traditions draw on these sounds and energies to vitalize the body, calm and focus the mind, heal the earth, and manifest personal well-being and success.

This playshop provides mantra, chakra, and sound-based techniques to awaken the body’s bliss, free the emotions, illuminate the heart, and crystallize one’s dreams and aspirations. Class will include sound and mantra chanting, visualization, meditation, poetry, dialogue and explanation of the Sanskrit language and its vision of the earth and the body as a divine paradise.

Jordan has an MA in Indo-Tibetan studies from Naropa University, with an emphasis in Tibetan and Sanskrit. He has been a translator and teacher of Tibetan for thirteen years, and a student and teacher of Sanskrit since 2009. His students include Tibetan lamas and reincarnated masters, doctoral students, university professors, language teachers, yoga teachers and students, and meditators and seekers from all walks of life. His teaching approach emphasizes the mystical, experiential, and embodied dimensions of the language, using as a basis the cakra system, yoga terminology, and related Indian philosophical traditions. He teaches with a love for the poetry, artistry, and transformative beauty of sound and language.