Mentor with the Ascended Masters: “Embodying Your Higher Self” Transmission
Kaia Ra

“Embodying Your Higher Self” is a transcendental teaching immersive into the architecture of your soul, your destiny, and those Masters of Light who wish to make “The Way” ahead easier for your spiritual ascension. Your experience will include:

• Understand the architecture of your Oversoul, Higher Self and human body / awareness to empower your next steps

• Explore why spiritual ascension must happen INSIDE your human body, not by leaving it

• Introduction to the divine genome that interfaces with your biological DNA called “The Sophia Code”

• Reveals step-by-step why your Higher Self is the #1 relationship to cultivate for your success

• Receive an introductory steps for intuitively understanding and following your Higher Self’s guidance

• Introduces specific Ascended Masters from “The Sophia Dragon Tribe” who are experts in teaching self-mastery

• Receive an Ascended Master as your spiritual mentor

• We will close with an introductory DNA Activation channeled by Kaia Ra to clear resistances to hearing / seeing / understanding your Higher Self’s communication

Please consider bringing a journal / pen for taking notes and plenty of water to stay refreshed.