The real secret of magic is that THE WORLD IS MADE OF WORDS, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish. ~Terence McKenna

Words are a dynamic and magical force that have a life of their own. Words create a psychological i’mpact on how we relate, or rather elate, with ourselves and each other – and words shape how we ultimately experience reality! A corrupted language is the Great Destroyer, and our English language is infected with unhealthy ways of thinking that have kept us in a negative feedback loop of suffering and helpless confusion.

Word play is a magical SOULution. It affords us the opportUNITY to thrive in our innate power as humans to birth a new reality and impact the quality of our world or rather our WORD. The time has come for a co~creative upgrade of the English language to inspire and invent new ways of thinking and speaking so we can move conscioUSness into the next DIAMONDmension! So WORD UP Mother Lovers, step into the BLISSipline and CHEERmunicate in healthy FUNversations so we can heal the WORD…It’s Heavenevitable! ~ Michaelah “Miraculah”
Wordjician & OptiMystic