Moldavite Dreams
Finch Lessack

Moldavite!! Come learn about the origins of this powerful crystals, created in a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. As one of the strongest and most potent spiritual crystals, it can help facilitate deep dreamwork, connection to spirits and guides, channeling, and accelerated personal evolution. Learn about potent alchemical combinations with other stones and metals to enhance the properties of moldavite even farther.

After years of working with moldavite, Finch has developed several modalities and technologies to support states of expanded awareness and higher learning. By incorporating the coherence of geometrical forms into the human auric field, a participant is placed into a type of energetic cocoon for deep soul journeys, a process which has come to be known as “moldavite activation.” The goal is these technologies is to build a bridge between the physical realm and those realms of advanced consciousness accessed by moldavite in order to facilitate an integration of this wisdom and knowledge into the awareness of the participant.

Finch has been practicing the intuitive arts for 11 years and specializes in claircognizance and channeled guidance. A natural affinity to the direct path has led him to work with strong medicines and powerful spirit guides. His passions lie in developing and rediscovering consciousness technologies to support awakening and integration of sacred knowledge.