moveintuit: Body Rhapsody
Brynne Flidais

Body Rhapsody is an exploration of the body’s response to sound and music through intuitive movement.
We will begin by awakening our inner sensory pallet. By delving into our internal landscape, we can discover our own unique way of sensing and giving physical form to auditory vibrations.
How can our bodies soulfully and genuinely tune in to various instruments, lyrics, and types of music? How can we more completely let the rhythm and melody support us to find our authentic, fully embodied selves?
In this practice, participants will gain bodily ease and improved efficiency of movement. This study will increase the use of proprioception and sensory attunement, as well as decrease mental chatter, physical stress, and tension. By combining kinesthetic sense with spirit, we can let the evocative qualities of various genres of music provide health and healing.

Brynne Flidais is a freelance dancer, performance artist, and movement educator. She has been creating innovative dance happenings for stages, dance companies, festivals, flash mobs, major events, and streets throughout the West Coast since 2004. She studied movement science at the university level and earned a science degree in Kinesiology. She gives form to music and rhythm through intuitive dance, structured improvisation, flow art, and choreography.