Practical Tools for Deconstructing Indoctrination: What do you believe and why do you believe it?
Matthew Breno

This interactive workshop / presentation discusses the nature and origin of the belief-systems we hold that dictate the reality we experience. The purpose is to offer practical tools to be employed in the present moment which help one identify and dismiss one’s own, and each other’s fallacies, biases, and prejudices, that can corrupt one’s relationship to oneself, to others, and to the world we collectively co-create. The goal is personal empowerment through applying the principles of Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Non-attachment, in any context, ranging from intimate relationships, to legal and financial controversy.

I have been independently researching the areas of law, governance, and finance, for several years, and am qualified to offer Paralegal service, according to conventional requirements. I have also studied, and practiced, the world’s main spiritual memes, from Judeo-Christian and astrological philosophies, to Eastern systems like Yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Tao. I consider myself “informed” about diet and nutrition, and take a holistic approach to the subject matter. I ma in service to the whole as I intend to impart the knowledge gained through years of paying attention to that which remains veiled to most observers.

The website is currently being constructed, and is published, though it has not been populated to any useful measure, so far. (Work in Progress).

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