Prema Love

Prema Love is a poet, mystic & musician of the Heart. Her Mission & passion in Life is to reach as many hearts & souls as possible in her lifetime, through sharing heart songs, Kirtan & conscious devotional Music. She has been a Resident on the Mendocino Coast for 8 Years and done lots of Traveling over the years, to bring her music to Places like Maui, Kauai & India. She has played in Universal Temples, at Festivals, House concerts, The Children’s Hospital & in special facilities for the elderly. She has also played music in many different venues around the country. Her wider vision is to travel the Globe and to reach people in other countries & to build a bridge Through Global awakening music. She believes that music from the heart & when directed in Love are meditations & prayers that can uplift, heal, reveal, & transform our entire lives. It’s more than just music Prema shares, she creates a beautiful, inviting, safe, sacred temple space wherever she goes. Her intention is for others to come together in community to sing their prayers, celebrate & Unite as One Global Family.