SaraTone & The Earth Tribe Gospel

Sara Tone has been singing from her Heart for as long as she can remember.Coming up listen to the likes of Whitney Houston, Sara found strength and encouragement to share her voice in school choir, which led to vocal jazz and later led to the study of North Indian Raga. Guitar, Bass, Hand Percussion, Flutes & Ocarina all came along the way as well as many paths exploring varieties of rich cultural music from around the world. As a multi-instrumentalist, she enjoys empowering people to play and sing out. In the last few years Sara has been honing her skills accompanying fellow Singer-Songwriters on Cajon and vocal harmonies. In return Sara has found herself and music accompanied by some of her favorite musicians and best friends.

As well as performing, Sara Tone started leading song weaving circles at Singing Alive in 2009, fusing her Original songs with a focus on the chorus and the message, blending time signature and cross melody with Rainbow Heart Songs, giving them some Fresh Soul Rooted UMPH while calling upon the harmonies of the Angelic choir. Its amazing what happens when we lift out voice on high! ACCESSIBILITY!!! This powerful experience has been invited to a range of events and people. From the Men in Blue at New Folsom Prison, CA to the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Cruz & Grants Pass, OR. As well as Street side, local pubs farmers markets and Farm Parties!!

This Original music is rooted in Earth Consciousness and rises high on Pure Ecstatic Soul. It is New Roots! – Acoustic Mystical Soul Dub with a twist of Hip-Hop, a drop or 2 of Reggae bounce, a lil fairy twang, completed by a humble reverence for the drone and some fatty high harmonies >>> then you’ve got your self a fine mix of EARTH TRIBE GOSPEL.

Originally from the Heart of Cascadia; Sara Tone & Band are here in offering of the music of and for the Land. Salmon Nation, Mountain Streams, Rivers and Creeks back to the Ocean, Back to the Sea. This is Musical Medicine for the People. To Inspire and Unite, Exploring the Realms of Deep Roots, Gospel~Kirtan, Acoustic Mystical Soul Dub with deep Rainbow Inspiration…Music to Sing, to Dance, to Laugh and to Cry. May this Music Stream in Peace, Songs of Blessings & Thanks, Healing and Remembrance. Come open to this Big Love Emanation~

Sara Tone has been blessed to play and record music, study and share the stage with the likes of many deeply talented and amazing people including; Lilla D’Mone, Max Ribner, Michael Stirling, Diane Patterson, Alcyon Massive, Matthew Flowers, Freedom, Al Torre, Tubby Love, Nahko & Medicine 4 the People! Dustin Thomas, WORTH, Nuestro, One Root, Orixananda, Somaria & Mike G- EntheoSonic, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Everyone Orchestra, Lula Cruza, Windsong, Peia, Mama Crow, Maesyn, Shakina, Human Revolution, Omiza River and many more…..This musical Family is Amazing!! ONE BIG LOVE