Sound Healing Alchemy Divination
Erica Sandstedt

Alchemy Divination Sound Healing
The future is ours to create.

Alchemy Divinations helps individuals obtain visionary inspiration for their life path

We can look into any dimension of time utilizing Breath, Conscious Alchemy, and Sound Healing.

Come amplify awareness, sensitize perception and clear your energy field
with the Yogic Meditative techniques of Channeling Light-Fire, Toning and Breathing; combined with Sound Healing: Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls; Chimes; Flute & Hung Drums.

Erica Sandstedt presents core East-West teachings of humans as multi-dimensional Beings of Light utilizing visualization, Sound healing, trance work, and Alchemy Divination.
Her unique insight and life experience enjoin traditions from around the world.
She’s been practicing Neo Shamanism for 15 years, including: daily discourse with the Dalia Lama in Dharmsala India; sitting with enlightened master Osho at his ashram in Poona, India; training in Amazonian shamanism with Don Jose Campos in Peru; and studying conscious transformation with psychedelic trailblazer Ralph Metzner in California.
She is a mesa carrier, an ordained Minister and sound healer.
Erica has a private practice and facilitates group journey work.
You an contact her at (415) 254-6678 theinnerpath@gmail .com