Sound Healing Chakra Attunement & Chanting

In this transformational experience Zahira leads you on a deep soul journey within. Through sound/light channeling she guides the group through a meditative and interactive healing. The intention of this healing is to clear, align and balance the chakras as well as connect you to the Creator, arch-angels, your guardian angels, higher-self power and individual spirit guides.

After the clearing Zahira will then guide all willing beings on a journey of spirit to truly get in touch with their own unique voice, soul language, tone, rhythm and dance. The lyrics of the songs are sung are in Sanskrit, English, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi and many more. In this setting Zahira sings traditional and original compositions to the circle through call and response chanting, group singing and improvisation. Her mission is to help people overcome fear and step into their highest power guided by love through expressing the purest form of their inner voice.

Zahira is on this planet to inspire positive change and awakening through her healing practices and musical offerings. She is an ordained Priestess of The Temple of Isis, a Certified Yoga Teacher, talented musician, practitioner of many trades and is very devoted to her daily practice of purification. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and transformational healing practices with all willing beings who are ready for some inspiration and positivity in their lives. She has been proactive in the alternative healing community for over 15 years and has traveled globally studying with teachers and learning from different cultures as well as teaching and sharing her sacred practices in diverse communities.

Her intention is to empower and bring a healing experience to all individuals who come to her and to alleviate suffering on the planet with each heartbeat and step she takes. She is committed to helping the world be a better place, is completely in devotion to serve humanity and encourages unity consciousness globally in any way she can.