Tara Shorey

Tara Shorey originally from the Coast of Maine made her way to CA to follow her dreams as an Artist, Ceremonial Dancer, Bodyworker of 17 years and Trained Counselor and Teacher. A warm, open, generous, funny, edgy, determined, passionate and insightful rainbow warrior, she brings her unique vision to paper and canvas, creating fascinating images through her Movement and Painting meditation practice. Her multi-faceted abstracts lead the viewer into an unknown world that’s splashed, stroked, run, splattered, wiped away, hidden and revealed in turquoise, purple, red, and orange. Her art is a Dance Across the Canvas captured on a surface, a kind of time lapse journey. It’s as if her large scale canvases look inside the soul of the Beauty Way.

For Tara, art is everywhere. Walk with her and she’ll show you another way of viewing reality and where she draws her inspiration from as she stops to photograph patterns in nature, shorelines, setting suns, winged ones, and ordinary and the lil people. Creation is like breathing for Tara who feels naked without a brush, pen or camera in hand, and without a way to pour out her brilliantly colored vision of Beauty to the world.

Her passion for creation is infectious, and she delights in awakening the dormant artist in others, especially children. She supports and guides others to uncover, discover and recover their Creative Spirit and pushes the edge of self-expression, providing a safe container to explore the new and unseen. Tara’s large scale canvases can be found in corporate offices; and she frequently executes private commissioned works.

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