Theatrical Adventure w/Faerie and Goblin Photo Shoot
Kaija Runa

In this playshop, we will start with dynamic exercises in theatrical exploration, and fun improvisational and storytelling games. With the characters we develop through the playshop, we will do a wandering photo shoot in the woods, after a 30 min dress up session, in which we give others a chance to join and dress up to join for the forest hopping faery shoot. Body paint artists are super appreciated to help with the dress up, and photographers and videographers encouraged to come join with most appreciation. We will parade the wandering players, after some time in the woods, and gather up festival goers for the final Water Blessing Ritual on Sunday.

Kaija has been instrumental in producing Bliss Events with Gregg for the past 3 years, and her love of this gathering and the family here is one of the profound gratitudes of her life. She has a Theatrical background and has in the past facilitated Ritual Dance Therapy, produced and written plays, and is an active videographer. Check out her project in development called The Mythic Huntress on Facebook.