UpFolk (Travis Levity & Friends)

Folks get up as they hear the echoes of their voices and hearts in the words and music of the Bard, Travis Puntarelli. Beginning to contribute their welcome voices and words, a group was formed.

A crew of 20 actors, dancers, and musicians joined us in the original musical
“A Mimicry of Natural Order,” staring Travis Puntarelli and Fallyn Mcleod, and many, many more joined us in concerts at fine establishments like The Grant St. Music Co-op (Bloomington, IN) Pheonix Farm (Salt Spring, B.C.), and The Back Door (Bloomington, IN).

We are in the process of mastering our upcoming album “MooMoo BahBah,” recording another album “Barbra Bee,” and rounding out a performance set involving trolls.

In Late summer/ Early fall we currently plan a slow-going tour from Salt Spring, B.C. Canada, to Santa Cruz, CA.