Working with the Chakras
Christine Hayes

Part one of “Working with the Chakras” will focus primarily on grounding and connecting to the mother, body and breath connection, bandhas (energetic locks), and a series of asana intended to balance the seven major chakras presented in a pose breakdown style rather than a flow. Concluding the class will be a gentle guided meditation. Part two of this two part workshop is devoted to activating energy flow through the chakras through the use of chanting, light asana, Pranayama techniques, and will conclude with two guided imaginative activating meditations leaving the participants with increased energy flow through the chakras and feeling inspired to pursue their most sacred desires.

Christine began practicing Hatha yoga in 2008 and completed her 200 hour Ashtanga training course through Yoga Alliance in the summer of 2013. Her workshops offer a unique and unorthodox combinations of asana which stems from traditional vinyasa flow, Pranayama, Guided Meditations, Creative Visualizations, and Energy Work all inspired by the many amazing teachers and resources that have been guided to her practice. She believes yoga is a gift from Spirit and a medium for anybody that can be embraced to create our hearts dreams and to restore a harmonious union between the seen and unseen.