Dara Daniels

Awakening through Movement: A powerful and playful practice that integrates hatha yoga, elements of shadow yoga, and qi gong to activate the physical and subtle bodies. We will work with standing postures, strong leg work balanced with flowing energetic forms, shaking, breathing, visualization, meditation and prayer to align with Heaven ad Earth and embody our DIvine essence in human form.

Dara Daniels is a lifelong yogini, mover, and healing artist has been a certified yoga teacher since 2002. She is currently living in the Santa Cruz area training and performing with local company Shakti Bhakti in the Odissi Style of classical Indian temple dance. She brings a depth of experience in the movement arts from many styles and forms to her graceful teaching style including a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and over a decade of practice as a massage therapist. One of her greatest joys is sharing the potency of the practice with you!