Living On The Edge: The Fractal Nature of NEW-trition
Zachary Mazi

The field of nutrition is in constant flux, sometime turning 180° around, as new details emerge (Yay! Butter IS good for us!). Can we identify a trajectory? How does one find the most nutritious foods in the world? Why do they help us so much? Chef Mazi explores all of these inquiries and more, tying together fractal geometry, basics of permaculture, gut physiology, and some seriously deep thinking to create a new map of human NEW-trition. This lecture was first created for Hoop Camp 2013, and has been making ripples in the community with it’s groundbreaking concepts. Always fun, inspiring, and quite incitful, Chef Zachary Mazi presents a picture of Health as inseparable from the world around us… don’t miss this!

Achieving great health is only the first step in successful living. Chef Zachary Mazi has created a system for finding this intrinsic balance: health, spirit, authentic living, and stewardship. With a background in the sciences, eight years working in fine dining, and a self-guided holistic culinary history rooted in vegetarianism, food sensitivities, herbal medicine, and medicinal mushrooms, Chef Zachary Mazi is on the leading edge of the growing trend of living well as a service to our self and planet. Igniting others with his contagious zest for life and living, he helps clients see and reach beyond their health goals. He creates lasting inspiration with delicious recipes, tailored health coaching, private cooking classes, and intuitive healing, centered on a unified spiritual comprehension. He currently lives in sunny Santa Cruz, California. He is the owner of Food Is Medicine Health Coaching, and the administrator of the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition Santa Cruz campus.