AlcheMystic Metal Arts

Our work is an elaborate mix of sacred symbols from many cultures, ancient mandalas, galactic circuitry, and cymatic imagery, woven together with laser cut hand painted metals, LED lighting, binaural beats, integrated altars and digital projections.

Endearment is a ritual life stylist, architectural artist, muse consultant and temple builder. She is an Alchemista in service to the fluttering butterflies of transformation. She creates and holds space for alchemists and magicians to gather, to consciously co-create and participate in the birthing of new realities. Space where visionaries are held, encouraged, and called to redefine what it means to be aligned with their divine design. Space where we are reminded of the precious things we may have forgotten along the way, of our ancient roots and of the incredible beauty and possibility that exists in every moment.

Founder of Subliminal Phoenix and Brain Wave Fitness, Jason Parker provides mind-altering audio and visual entrainment and entrancement as tools of transformation and personal growth. As an innovative visual artist and VJ, he began his study of art at age 7 studding pottery and sculpture and went on to study art history and world religion for three years in Rome. Jason now creates medicinal mandalas and digital cymatic imagery to activate, stimulate and help balance the mind. Through extensive study of neurology and biofeedback, Jason created an innovative system of audio and visual entrainment to help people control their minds. He seeks to empower all those who cross his path.

Together we are traveling the country with our six month old daughter and our new collaborative project, Dragonfly Temple Design, creating sacred spaces, sharing our art and providing tools for personal growth and transformation.

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