Theta Healing Workshop
w Dove Mosis & Ra Be

Theta Healing is a powerful tool of soul transformation that has been shifting peoples lives all across the world. It has become the fastest growing modality on the planet in the last 5 years. Why? Because it works, and the results are undeniable.
Not only will you learn how to identify and clear limiting belief systems held on the DNA level but you are at the same time awakening your true intuitive gifts and learning how to apply this simple technique to your life for healing and manifestation.
In this workshop we will discuss the basic foundation of the Theta Healing art form and demonstrate its full expression.
We will as a group connect to a deep theta brain wave and experience downloads and shifting of belief systems.
There will be one on one demonstrations for those who are willing to receive a session in front of the group.
We will discuss cutting edge information on the body, nutrition, universal laws, instant healing, the pineal gland, angels, spirit guides, DNA activation and MORE.

Dove Mosis has been facilitating Theta Healing workshops for the last 8 years. He has certified over 600 students from Hawaii, to New York, to Colorado and California. He is known world wide for his innovative fusion of Theta Healing with Hip Hop and his way of expressing the technique is highly creative, potent, powerful and always a lot of fun. was first exposed to Theta Healing in 2007 and upon receiving an instant healing to a snowboard injury he was deeply inspired to dive into the depths of this technique and reawaken his the innate abilities we have to create great change. He studied with the founder of Theta Healing and received his Masters and Certificate of Science and began teaching nationally and internationally. His love for this work is in serving and teaching others as well as using it as a versatile, dynamic, and profound tool for enhancing his physical, emotional, mental, and creatively thriving lifestyle. To Experience is to over stand!

Freestyle Medicine “A Hip Hop Healing FLOW-Dality” w Ra Be and Dove Mosis

Come experience a true freestyle cypher and at the same time learn how to access the ‘flow’ within yourself. Learn some amazing secrets and tips of how to improve your freestyle abilities and how to apply it to your reality as a technique of healing and manifestation. We will cover the power of words and how they directly affect our DNA while also breaking down the spiritual science of Hip Hop, it’s history, and the founding fathers of it’s world wide culture. There will be Hip Hop Medicine mixes available that provide you with some of the greatest lyricists of all time along with instrumentals to practice your freestyle.

Dove Mosis is a Hip Hop Medicine Messenger who has been expressing the art of freestyle rapping for over 15 years. He has blessed the stage and shared the cypher with some of the most respected Emcees in the culture, from Brother J, to Krs One, to MC Supernatural, Myka 9 and Killah Priest. He offers an innovative view on rapping as a healing art and a form of spiritual medicine.

To Ra•Be, Freestyle is a Lifestyle. He has been a student of this craft for a decade which has led him to be a part of countless musical experiences around the world. The art of opening up oneself to the limitless creative potential and expressing oneself is nothing short of a Divine experience. He thrives in the moment of creation riding the edge of possibility and loves the interaction with the crowd. He always incorporates freestyle rap into his live sets as well as with the live instrument EDM band he regularly guests with, TROPO. He has honed the ability to guide others to a transcendental state of connection and expression that has never been experienced before