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Blissings to All!

Let’s open together a space to make meaningful connections through music, through arts, and through healthy living. Bliss Camp will be a four-day gathering at Camp Navarro in the beautiful Mendocino Redwoods. We invite you to join us this fall and co-create a shared magical experience.

Music, Art, Healthy Living, Sustainability, and Education & Play!

Shake your beautiful bodies with us by the main stage, dancing to the tunes of musicians that live in your hearts throughout the year, take an inspiring walk through the art gallery and share our visual artists’ thoughts and feelings while they create elevated master pieces during our magical gathering.

Devote time to yourself and your favorite lovelies at one of the many playshop activities planned for Bliss Camp. From meditation and yoga, to ecology and conservation, sound healing to compassionate communication, and crafts-making!

We strongly believe in the powerful energy of sharing a meal with fellow travelers in this journey through life, and we invite you to join hundreds of your closest friends for one vegetarian daily meal, included in the admission ticket price.

Bliss Camp will be an alcohol-free, all-ages welcoming, kid-friendly event. We are also committed to sustainable living practices and minimizing any impact on the environment: recycling and composting practices are required throughout the camp.

Tickets will go on sale on June 17.

We can’t wait to hug you again under the Redwoods!

With love,

The Bliss Camp Crew.