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Danceformation Celestial Navigation
Come discover and embody the stars as tools for navigating your way through life and the cosmos. Dan Crane astronomical guide inspires us to look up more to determine where we are in relationship to the heavenly bodies we connect with on a daily basis. Amanda Rose Loveland facilitator of Danceformation shares a process of personal co-creation with the holographic world of star light we live in.… Read more
Peace Talks
Peacetalks by I AM Peaceman. Lead builder of Bliss Camp 2014 and Sacred Spaces Village 2010-2013, discussing his perspective on the state of affairs in our current society.… Read more
Divination of Names
Breakdown the origin of your name to discover the mission of your life! Join with friends and align your names realizing your ideal relationship configuration. Integrate a tool universally mirroring the potential destiny of you and your connection to the outside world.… Read more
Earth Based Building for Fun and Shelter
Earth based building technologies with special emphasis on cob (hands on) and iHemp Steve Kennedy is a builder and advocate for earth and plant based building materials and methods… Read more
Sound Healing Chakra Attunement & Chanting
SOUND HEALING CHAKRA ATTUNEMENT (40 MINS) In this transformational experience Zahira leads you on a deep soul journey within. Through sound/light channeling she guides the group through a meditative and interactive healing. The intention of this healing is to clear, align and balance the chakras as well as connect you to the Creator, arch-angels, your guardian angels, higher-self power and individual spirit guides. CHANTING (50 MINS) After the clearing Zahira will then guide all willing… Read more
Ecstatic Dance
Website FaceBook page MystaReed (Reed I’o) began DJing in college on the radio, with a freak out show of every genre and mash-ups. During that time Reed became the Engineer of the radio station WBIM Bridgewater State College, where he made all of the “commercials and announcements” to be played during the other shows. After putting down electronic music for many years it came back in a powerful way. In 2010 Reed began… Read more
The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dances
Ayah has been teaching Yoga as well as facilitating women’s circles, rituals and dances for over 10 years. Certified Yoga Instructor RYA, Initiated minister through the fellowship of Isis , and life-long student of dance. She has creatively infused a lifelong path of apprenticing in healing & ceremonial arts into her passion for therapeutic movement. Her intention is to help others develop a practice that suites their individual lifestyle needs while inspiring creative expression, strong… Read more
Redwood Ecology: Connection through Relationship
This playshop explores redwood ecology in the context of co-creative healing and transformation. As we walk through the trees, you will learn about the ecology of this enchanting forest and experience inspired ways of connecting and co-creating with the medicine of Redwood. Kathren Murrell Stevenson, Ph.D. Kathren is an adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, which she teaches courses in ecology and consciousness. She also shares classes, workshops, and retreats in Wisdom… Read more
Dances of Universal Peace
The Dances of Universal Peace are a beautiful spiritual practice, a Meditation of Divine Light and Bliss, inspired by the world’s many wisdom traditions. We move around the circle, sometimes from partner to partner, allowing our thoughts to fall away as we experience the Divine in each other and ourselves. As we connect, we do simple, graceful movements while focusing on the positive words of these powerful chants and songs, from many traditions and languages,… Read more
An Introduction To Dancing The Goddess Tara
Tara – Goddess, Mother, Buddha Essence of the Enlightened Feminine The tantric Buddhist practices that we will work with, invoking Tara, the great Mother of Wisdom and Compassion, is composed of various rituals, prayers, mantras and meditations. We will be invoking the 21 praises of Tara and dancing her qualities. These all have the sole purpose of awakening our inner wisdom, freeing our ability to radiate loving compassion. These practices help us to develop ways… Read more
Dancing Freedom Feeling Connection People will gather with a short session of warm up music after which we will gather/circle to set intention within our container, invite our guides, guardians, ancestors, directions and elements into our container and consider the teaching about connection. We will then have about an hour and ten or twenty minute set of dance through the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether. We will then harvest the insights we gained in the dance… Read more
5Rhythms Sweat Your Prayers
5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body – that ignites creativity, connection, and community. Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness ™ Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and the dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching… Read more
Dancing Across the Canvas 3D Painting and Live Performance
Tara Shorey invites participants to dance upon the canvas, weaving in storytelling, Live Musicians and Painting. Through this collaboration a painting of beauty is birthed. This is the birth of the canvas, once dried from the sun, Tara will continues to work on the canvas during Bliss Camp while engaging and sharing with her audience through the weekend. These painting performances were created back in 2009 where Tara directed and performed at Isis Oasis, Winter… Read more
Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang (Tao Abdominal Massage)
Chi Nei Tsang is an internal organ massage. It can be given to another or even to oneself (self-massage). I will give some of the theoretical background (with handout) and then demonstrate practical application of how one can access the various organs, including their location within the abdominal cavity and the various techniques used in this type of abdominal massage. Workshop attendees will practice on each other, and one is welcome to come with a… Read more
Sound Healing Alchemy Divination
Alchemy Divination Sound Healing The future is ours to create. Alchemy Divinations helps individuals obtain visionary inspiration for their life path We can look into any dimension of time utilizing Breath, Conscious Alchemy, and Sound Healing. Come amplify awareness, sensitize perception and clear your energy field with the Yogic Meditative techniques of Channeling Light-Fire, Toning and Breathing; combined with Sound Healing: Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls; Chimes; Flute & Hung Drums. Erica Sandstedt presents core East-West… Read more
The Galaxsea Playground
Wooden/metal structure assembled on site (can be made into ANY SHAPE! as long as it is structurally secure to hold at least 5 rowdy people safely. So me and my partner Kelly Lanphier create a little playground out of wood and metal, once it is complete and safe, Kelly begins to paint the entirety of the structure with beautiful glow in the dark paint and water colors, so when you and your fellow space cadets… Read more
Expressions of Gaia A unique piece of art on the computer while being projected onto a large screen for participants to follow. A meditation to clear and ask for Divine Spirit to come and work through me/us, inspiring music playing to help tune into certain frequencies so that the art that is created has the ability to shift consciousness (while creating and for the end viewer) and a hands on tutorial where all participants will contribute ideas,… Read more
Moldavite Dreams
Moldavite!! Come learn about the origins of this powerful crystals, created in a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. As one of the strongest and most potent spiritual crystals, it can help facilitate deep dreamwork, connection to spirits and guides, channeling, and accelerated personal evolution. Learn about potent alchemical combinations with other stones and metals to enhance the properties of moldavite even farther. After years of working with moldavite, Finch has developed several modalities and… Read more
Working with the Chakras
Part one of “Working with the Chakras” will focus primarily on grounding and connecting to the mother, body and breath connection, bandhas (energetic locks), and a series of asana intended to balance the seven major chakras presented in a pose breakdown style rather than a flow. Concluding the class will be a gentle guided meditation. Part two of this two part workshop is devoted to activating energy flow through the chakras through the use of… Read more
Fairy Tale Yoga
The Green Snake and the beautiful Lily tells the story of a snake that sought gold on the path and In eating it became strong enough to build a bridge for the princess to have her kingdom united again to its treasure and wisdom. In practicing yoga asana you are given the opportunity to tune into your breath and drop into meditative space. As emotions are released and memories activated, and we have the chance… Read more
Awakening through Movement: A powerful and playful practice that integrates hatha yoga, elements of shadow yoga, and qi gong to activate the physical and subtle bodies. We will work with standing postures, strong leg work balanced with flowing energetic forms, shaking, breathing, visualization, meditation and prayer to align with Heaven ad Earth and embody our DIvine essence in human form. Dara Daniels is a lifelong yogini, mover, and healing artist has been a certified yoga… Read more
Awakening Clairvoyance
Want to connect to your higher psychic senses? Join Saera and Finch on a journey of exploration into telepathy and clairvoyant seeing. We will outline related concepts before diving in to a multi-layered experience that will help you connect to these abilities. Saera currently lives with her family in a vibrant village in the mountains near Santa Cruz. Currently offering her talents as a Clairvoyant to clients around the globe to assisting with soul retrieval,… Read more
Prayergasm Shamanic Dance Puja Ritual
Prayergasm Shamanic Dance Puja Ritual Just as Creator created the world in 7 days, we will explore with the 7 chakras via an ancient shamanic dance puja of Prayergasmic proportions. Prayergasm is a sacred sexual devotional practice, white tantric in nature that addresses your sensual awakened state and essence via Kabbalah. Be prepared to charge every cell in your body, rebirth a new frequency, stimulate lust of your orgasmic serpent in your spine and illuminate… Read more