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Shamanatrix Missy Galore is an Ambassador from the Land of Love. Channeling Wildflower Medicine melodies from the heart of creation, she is here to Fluff vibration with smile stimulation. Anthemic sing along songs galactavate your goodness as you dance to the beat of stars in addition to her music set ~ Shamanatrix Missy Galore is Bliss Camp MC “I love freestyle prose and all that flows in the inspiration of the moment Some call me… Read more
Bee Born
Super saucy, alchemical mastery of beat box vocal harmonies and a fusion of world indigenous instruments such as N’goni, Jaw Harp, drums, guitars, and synthesized loops to create quite the “indigital”experience. This singer-songwriter debuted her first album, “Beloved One”, in 2011. Her star is ascending as she makes new creative connections, singing a beloved mix of divine soul, hip hop, and downtempo Afro-futuristic beats. She guides you through a journey of celestial channels, frequencies and… Read more
Resonant Sun
Resonant Sun has been producing music since 1999, when the technology age made music recording accessible to the general public. At this time, he became introduced to the Mayan calendar, which is where he got his name. Activated by the new tools of the millennium, he began his path as a musician. Known to experiment outside of genre, Resonant Sun’s music can best be described by the name of his second album “TribalAstroFunk,” which is… Read more
Hip Hop Medicine Nation
The Hip Hop Medicine Nation is an ever expanding movement of soul sonic healing and planetary rejuvenation. A cosmic family of lyrical shamans, beat mystics, and elemental wizards that offer a ceremonial experience of Hip Hop as a true MEDICINE. Featuring Dove Mosis – Taylor Maiden Space & Other special guests… Read more
Zack Darling
Zack Darling is a bass music, mashup and reggae DJ from Northern California who is widely known for a diverse and eclectic style of dance music. Zack is a 2-time winner oF the “Best DJ in the North Bay” award and has shared the stage with artist such as Bassnectar, Metallica, Matisyahu, and countless festival headliner artists and DJs. He’s played at venues such as The Fillmore (SF), Shoreline Amphitheater, Regency Ballroom as well as… Read more
Sensitive People
After a series of YouTube hits including “The Man From Marin” and “Sensitive People”, Vir McCoy brings his “New Age Laughter Medicine” live. Vir can also be found performing with the Dogon Lights and Hamsa Lila.… Read more
From soothing ambient soundscapes and acoustic medicine songs to ecstatic rock and sunrise downtempo dance music, Entheo is sure to open your heart. Entheo is the passionate and inspired musical play of Amma Lightweaver & Theo Brama. Together they, sing, produce, record, and write songs to inspire more freedom, love, truth, beauty and harmony in the world. Their music, like their shows, is a journey, mysteriously unfolding before their eyes, and yours. http:/… Read more
The real secret of magic is that THE WORLD IS MADE OF WORDS, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish. ~Terence McKenna Words are a dynamic and magical force that have a life of their own. Words create a psychological i’mpact on how we relate, or rather elate, with ourselves and each other – and words shape how we ultimately experience… Read more
Ra.Be is a multifaceted Hip Hop artist who lives by the phrase, “Freestyle is a Lifestyle”. He has been honing the skills of freestyle rapping for the past decade and has spent the last 2 years cultivating his craft in the studio. In April 2014 he released his first mixtape, Medicinal Hip Hop, and will be releasing his second mixtape, Resonant Medicine, in September 2014. Through his dedication to his spiritual path, spreading well being… Read more
Diane Patterson & Spirit Radio
Diane Patterson writes, sings, and carries her Funky Earth Ballads and Sacred Songs for the Peaceful Revolution with acoustic guitar and ukulele, hand drum, and voice. She now performs with her smokin’ yet subtle band Spirit Radio taking her songs to a whole other level of expression. Patterson weaves spirit and unifying social commentary on festival stages, at folk music and conscious music gatherings, healing gatherings, and in concert venues around the world. Diane plays… Read more
Jedi Rising
JediRising is a constellation of artists, musicians, performers and designers that live life fully in every moment and are prepared to help guide towards the pathways of enlightenment. Our mission is to showcase and curate modern west coast bass culture into a form that can be understood by the masses. JediRising creates a tangible container by calling upon the circle and the four elements to perform ritual and community light work, all in the midst… Read more
Prema Love
Prema Love is a poet, mystic & musician of the Heart. Her Mission & passion in Life is to reach as many hearts & souls as possible in her lifetime, through sharing heart songs, Kirtan & conscious devotional Music. She has been a Resident on the Mendocino Coast for 8 Years and done lots of Traveling over the years, to bring her music to Places like Maui, Kauai & India. She has played in Universal… Read more