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Lasers and Lights
BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors were invented then patented as a result of a genius electronic engineer and laser specialist’s inspiration to calm his daughter’s fear of the dark. Before long his friends like me requested projectors for their homes and he decided to patent the design and found BlissLights to share these soothing lighting effects with the world. The inventor asked me to be his “light emissary” in sharing this experience with the world and… Read more
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Shaman’s Dream
“Medicine Music for the Shamanic Journey” Craig Kohland is a music, festival and retreat producer, multi-percussionist, performer and DJ that is driven by the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. ” Shaman’s Dream, Craig’s multi-faceted music collective, has been at the forefront of the yoga, festival and ecstatic dance music scene, since 1995. As a producer and the musical director he’s facilitated hundreds of ecstatic dance/ “live” world music… Read more
AlcheMystic Metal Arts
Our work is an elaborate mix of sacred symbols from many cultures, ancient mandalas, galactic circuitry, and cymatic imagery, woven together with laser cut hand painted metals, LED lighting, binaural beats, integrated altars and digital projections. Endearment is a ritual life stylist, architectural artist, muse consultant and temple builder. She is an Alchemista in service to the fluttering butterflies of transformation. She creates and holds space for alchemists and magicians to gather, to consciously co-create… Read more
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Lindy Kehoe
Lindy Kehoe enjoys living a spacious and peaceful life, choosing to reflect that quality within her dream-like work. Contemplative and quiet, her paintings are portals into the sublte realms of rememberance, shape-shifting in care of the viewer. Her mediums include oil paints on canvas, acrylic, earth pigments (stoneground), clay-based eco paints, water colors and ink on paper. The body of work on this sight reflects a decade of painting after her studies at Ohio University,… Read more
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Darren Minke
I am fascinated by the sensual beauty of nature and the myths we create to explain our place within her infinite expressions. It is my mission to balance the history of patriarchal religion and culture with the re-emerging consciousness of the sacred feminine in the hope that we may bring balance to a world that has pushed itself to the brink of self-destruction. I blend symbols from native wisdom traditions with modern myths to create… Read more
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Yurik Riegel
Yurik Riegel’s imagery speaks of the teachings of the Buddha, David Deida, Ray Kurtzweil, Deepak Chopra, Ekhart Tolle, and many other great thinkers. His art is an intensely emotional two-way conversation about personal transformation, spirituality, the coming technological singularity, and the challenge of saving ourselves from ourselves. It also dares to whisper a positive message – heralding the growing trends of urban tribalism, personal exploration, positive psychology and global connection. His paintings are an up-to-the… Read more
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Tubby Love
Born in the concrete jungles of babylon USA, Tubby Love’s life experience is woven into a unique blend of roots rock reggae. His music is a passionate testimony of unity and the challenges of separation, bridging the gap between artist and audience. With honest engaging lyrics and an energizing presence, Tubby Love has cross-genre appeal and represents a soulful expression of truths both personal and universal. Sharing the stage with musical inspirations like John Brown’s… Read more
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Aea Luz
(formerly Po A Tree)
With an achingly beautiful voice, Aea Luz sings directly to the heart’s journey toward authentic spiritual awakening. Channeling wisdom rooted in deep humanity, her soulful music is pure medicine.… Read more
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The Heartifact
The HEARTIFACT is the sonic shamanic collaboration of Rob Recker on guitar, Bri Summers on melodic vocals, Narayan from Zion with word wizardry, & Travis Porter De Leon bringing the beats. Fusing elements of soulful hip-hop and positive prayerful affirmations these songs are sung with the intention to empower and uplift the spirit and generate a feeling of true self real-eyes-ation and love.There is a distinct contemporary edge to their devotional style of music, utilizing… Read more
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Experience the heart-centered harmonics and sublimely smooth devotional dancehall reggae of Shimshai. Surrounded by music from birth and formally trained on piano in his native state of Washington, today Shimshai performs effortlessly on guitar, sitar, flute, and a variety of woodwinds. He plays many of the instruments on his self-composed and self-produced albums. Shimshai & Seraphim Sound System (his band) have a large underground following spanning the globe. Shimshai’s blend of Reggae, Jazz, Kirtan, South… Read more
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Brian Paul Smith
Digital Alchemist Brian Paul Smith’s Art could be placed into many genres, but transcends them all and leaves him in a Creative Class by himself. Which is just the way he likes it. His Visionary, Geometric, Entheogenic, Interdimentional,, Spectral, Holographic Fractal Mandalas and Dreamscapes are unlike anything you have ever seen. Brian’s Art continues to enthrall audiences worldwide wherever its shown. Many authorities on the subject consider his work to be the most accurate visual… Read more
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Benjamin Moss
Benjamin Moss currently lives in the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains near Nevada City. He grew up in a small town an hour east of Fargo, North Dakota. He studied drawing, painting, film and philosophy in high school and college. Feeling uninspired by the television/videogame based life styles of the Midwest he moved to Portland, OR at the age of 22 and it changed his life forever. He went from a self-proclaimed nihilistic agnostic to… Read more
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BlondeOnyx is the Electonic and live-looping project of BuddhaBee. He is a multi-instrumentalist, as well as vocalist, and has been producing music for over 7 years. BuddhaBee lives in Berkeley, CA where he is getting ready to release his debut album!… Read more
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Loved Up is the sonic manifestation of a lifelong psychedelic art project by Terry Baker. A devoted practitioner of Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound – his goal is to create music that will help facilitate the integration of head, heart, and body. Playing live guitar with electronic heartscapes, LovedUp merges world, funk, jazz, devotional and rock to craft a complex yet sensual entheogenic whole in which all chakras are represented.… Read more
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Modern Bhakti, Archetypal musical devotion to honor and celebrate the Divine Spark of Creative Love. Bridging the genres of world music, electronica and pop. “Bhakti is love — loving God, loving your own Self, and loving all beings. The small heart should become bigger and bigger and, eventually, totally expansive. A spark can become a forest fire. So to have only a spark is enough, for the spark is also fire. Keep blowing on it,… Read more
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Seva Ashram Kirtan
The aspiration of devotees at Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Seva Ashram is to serve the Ideals of Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s Mahaprabhu’s mission. Through the auspiscious guardianship of our Guru Varga (disciplic succession), we prepare and offer food to Krishna (prashadam) then distribute that food to the people. Inspiring a higher taste both with flavorful preparations and heart felt devotion, Hare Krishna food is known world wide to inspire joy in peoples lives. Cooking and offering… Read more
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Aura Fluffing Ecstatica
Learn to Aura Fluff and let love shine bright! Come make your own Shamanic Smile Stimulation Technology device. Welcome to the Portal of Possibility where Shamanatrix Missy Galore will introduce you to happiness techniques that liberate your inner child and get your chakras dialed into the frequency of Love + above boost your blissness + elevate * recalibrate till you are feeling great * 3:33 ~ 5:15 daily @ the Art Fluff Hut learn more… Read more
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NexGen Gallery Test
NextGen Gallery [ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow” exclusions=”4,6″ gallery_width=”1000″ gallery_height=”800″] Basic Thumbnail Basic Slideshow Basic Image Browser Pro Slideshow     Pro Horizontal Filmstrip  … Read more
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“Photo Gallery” plugin test
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Default WordPress Gallery Test
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Ishka Lha
Known along the west coast and beyond for her remarkable visionary art, Ishka Lha is breaking new ground on the music scene with visions that sing. With just her voice and a drum (and sometimes a beatboxer and backup vocals), Ishka presents the meaning of music-making as act of raw bravery. Don’t let her soft spoken nature and small stature fool you! Her voice is strong and soulful. Her lyrics are prayerful and empowering. Carried… Read more
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The Yoga of Nature: Learning to Breathe with the Trees
Explore our common union with the Natural World through the practices of Tantra Yoga. Breathe with yourself, one another, and the trees in this unique set of practices designed to replant us in the fabric of life and restore the balance in our relationships to Self, our human community, and our larger-than-human world. Kathren Murrell Stevenson, Ph.D. Kathren is an adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, which she teaches courses in ecology… Read more
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Patchy Sanders
Patchy Sanders of Ashland, Oregon is peasant folk music — Old oak barrels, Mead, Scythes, Broomsticks, Jugs and Hearths. We conjure the pleasantry of old and sink in with the beauty of the moment. This is cornucopia of sound that honors the musical traditions of Celtic, Appalachian, Medieval, Americana, and Bluegrass; while building bridges into the current of today’s Folk. Patchy Sanders, a genuine family band, comprised of sisters Dani (banjo, harp) and Jacqui Aubert… Read more
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Bliss Camp on FB post

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Recognizing that music is a a potent portal into other realms of knowledge, ALIA weaves an intoxicating, luscious blend of sacred, sensual sounds that bridge ancient frequencies with cutting-edge bass to create a pulsating, hypnotic journey that leaves you filled up, inspired, and transformed. As a Producer and Vocalist, she draws on her extensive classical musical training to deliver exquisite, healing frequencies that some say lead them to ecstasy and love. As a DJ she… Read more
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The Human Revolution
The Human Revolution has been rocking crowds from Maui to San Francisco, New York to Nashville, Kansas to Costa Rica and all places in between with its message-driven, Americana folk-rock for ten years and counting. Founded in 2003 by singer-songwriter, frontman, and Ohio-native Matthew Human, The Human Revolution emerged out of the mystic folk underground scene of Northern California and Southern Oregon to become one of the best-loved bands on the West Coast festival circuit.… Read more
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Musical Artist experiments
Marya Stark sings very pretty. She also likes flowers. Soundcloud->Artist->Embed: Soundcloud is Gold Mini Soundcloud is Gold Standard Soundcloud is Gold html5… Read more
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Hello world!
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!… Read more
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