Landing at Camp Navarro

Camp Navarro is located at 901 Masonite Industrial Rd. Navarro, CA 95463. Details about the location and driving directions to get here are available on the Bliss Camp Location Page. You will see “Event” signs on Hwy 128 before you reach Camp Navarro. Slow down and prepare to make the turn onto Masonite Industrial Rd. You will see more signs pointing you towards Camp Navarro and into Bliss Camp.

Artists, Alter-Abled Campers, Vendors, and RVs will take the first right into the first, smaller parking lot.

All other ticketed Bliss Camp guests, (including workshop leaders, healers, and volunteers) please proceed down the road to the main gate and the large parking lot in the back.

When you reach the main parking lot (second entrance on the right), pull into the temporary parking zone. Off-board your conveyance and come talk to your friendly Bliss Keepers (aka. admissions staff). Once you have applied Bliss Camp wristbands to all the passengers in your vehicle, you’ll want to unload your gear, then go park your car. If you have purchased a Car Camping pass, we will guide you through the gate.

When your car is safely parked (make sure all the lights are off and nothing is draining the battery) come back to your gear at the gate. From there, you have two options: you can pile all the gear you brought with you into a wagon and steer it over to your campsite yourself, or you can wait for the “gear-only” shuttle. The shuttle will not carry guests, it will only carry your gear. You will put your gear on the shuttle and follow it to a drop point inside the campgrounds. If you choose to walk with your gear, don’t worry, there will be plenty of camping that is very close and easily accessible to you bold adventurers (all between 2 and 10 minutes walking).


Finding your home at Bliss Camp

There is plenty of camping space for all! Camp Navarro can host 1,500 comfortable campers on the property and Bliss Camp is our intimate family gathering of around 500 friends. When you arrive, we encourage you to breathe deep, take a walk around and find a spot that calls out to you.

Please plan to arrive to Camp Navarro on Thursday September 11 at 2:00PM. No one will be allowed to line up on Masonite Industrial Road prior to the gates opening at 2:00 PM on Thursday September 11. And no one will be allowed to camp on this road! Masonite Industrial Road is frequented by fast moving logging trucks that make it a very dangerous place for people to stop, play, or hang out. If you arrive to the area early, please stop in Boonville, the Navarro General Store, or Philo and wait until 2:00PM. There is plenty of camping space for everyone: you will have your pick of a sweet spot!

There are two primary camping areas, the Main Campground and the RV/Trailer Area. We will have Maps of the grounds available to you! And we have suggestions, too. Or you could ask your friends. They are already at Camp Navarro!


No Camping on Monday Night, September 15

On Monday you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay at Camp Navarro. All our Bliss Camp guests need to be packed up and on the road by 12:00PM on Monday September 15h – no exceptions! This is a requirement of our contract with Camp Navarro.


The Main Campground

The main campground is very, very large and the farther you go, the more magical it gets. Camp Navarro used to be a Boy Scout Camp, so there are 11 separate “Villages” spread out along the campground loop. These villages have open space for tents as well as varying numbers of Adirondack shelters, which are three sided wooden structures with bunks that guests can use. Please note that the villages are for shared use and cannot be “claimed” for the exclusive use of any one group.


Tent Camping and Car Camping

Some tent camping sites are closer to the music and the shower house, other tent camping sites are located in magically secluded places. Tent camping is located an approx. 2 – 10 minute walk away from the parking lot. You will not be able to car camp in these areas. Instead, you will park your vehicle and hand carts and shuttles will be available to assist you bringing your gear into the camp ground.

Car Camping areas are located just a short walk deeper into the forest. The “villages” that allow camping with cars will be clearly labelled and also appear on the Bliss Camp Map (coming soon). To use these areas you will need to carefully pull your car into a village and completely off the road, making sure not to drive over or park on any vegetation.


RV/Trailer Area

All vehicles longer than 18 feet (including any trailer), need to purchase an RV Pass and camp in the designated RV/Trailer Area, which is located in a beautiful and shady redwood grove. The road around the Main Campground loop will not accommodate large vehicles. Only a limited number of RV/Trailer passes will be available, so be sure to grab your RV Pass early to assure that we can accommodate you. Please be aware that there will be very little tent space, if any, available in the RV/Trailer area. This camp sites DO NOT have RV hookups.


Alter-Abled Access & Camping

If you are in need of special services to support any health or mobility issues, please contact us in advance and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. You will enter Bliss Camp through the first entrance on the right.


Gate Hours

Guests can join our Blissful celebration at the following times:
1) Thursday, September 11th between 2PM and 10PM
2) Friday, September 12th and Saturday September 13th between 10AM and 10PM.
3) Sunday September 14th, between 10AM and 6PM
Although our gates are open until 10PM, we highly recommend that you arrive before dark (~7:00PM) to facilitate your walk and set up.

Late arrivals are highly discouraged. The Bliss Keepers will be at our gates through the night. Should special circumstances arise and should you find yourself at our Blissful Gate after closing time they will help you with check-in but you will likely be wrangling your gear in the dark and you may find yourself catching your zzz’s at a provisional outdoor spot until the sun shines and you are ready to move along.


No Drum Circles after midnight

Late night drumming is not allowed, as the beautiful and vast property at Camp Navarro still carries the sounds quite far. We want to be respectful of our neighbors. Late-night acoustic song circles around our campfire and impromptu performances by traveling troubadours throughout the gathering are encouraged!