Take an inspiring walk through the art gallery and share our visual artists’ thoughts and feelings while they create elevated master pieces during our magical gathering.

The beautiful Bliss Camp flyer and web site artwork was created by Ishka Lha.

AlcheMystic Metal Arts
Our work is an elaborate mix of sacred symbols from many cultures, ancient mandalas, galactic circuitry, and cymatic imagery, woven together with laser cut hand painted metals, LED lighting, binaural beats, integrated altars and digital projections. Endearment is a ritual life stylist, architectural artist, muse consultant and temple builder. She is an Alchemista in service to the fluttering butterflies of transformation. She creates and holds space for alchemists and magicians to gather, to consciously co-create… Read more
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Benjamin Moss
Benjamin Moss currently lives in the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains near Nevada City. He grew up in a small town an hour east of Fargo, North Dakota. He studied drawing, painting, film and philosophy in high school and college. Feeling uninspired by the television/videogame based life styles of the Midwest he moved to Portland, OR at the age of 22 and it changed his life forever. He went from a self-proclaimed nihilistic agnostic to… Read more
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Brian Paul Smith
Digital Alchemist Brian Paul Smith’s Art could be placed into many genres, but transcends them all and leaves him in a Creative Class by himself. Which is just the way he likes it. His Visionary, Geometric, Entheogenic, Interdimentional,, Spectral, Holographic Fractal Mandalas and Dreamscapes are unlike anything you have ever seen. Brian’s Art continues to enthrall audiences worldwide wherever its shown. Many authorities on the subject consider his work to be the most accurate visual… Read more
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Darren Minke
I am fascinated by the sensual beauty of nature and the myths we create to explain our place within her infinite expressions. It is my mission to balance the history of patriarchal religion and culture with the re-emerging consciousness of the sacred feminine in the hope that we may bring balance to a world that has pushed itself to the brink of self-destruction. I blend symbols from native wisdom traditions with modern myths to create… Read more
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Ishka Lha
With her imagery, Ishka reveals a world of the eternal Beauty that is all things. A river of elementals, cosmic beings, and magical beasts swirl together in one great flood of light and shadow, emanating the shapes and colors illuminated within the Beloved’s kaleidoscope. With every turning of the wheel, an ever-changing cycle of Life appears. Dawn spills into the night sky, a blossom falls as a cherry grows; and the movement in our mind… Read more
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Lasers and Lights
BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors were invented then patented as a result of a genius electronic engineer and laser specialist’s inspiration to calm his daughter’s fear of the dark. Before long his friends like me requested projectors for their homes and he decided to patent the design and found BlissLights to share these soothing lighting effects with the world. The inventor asked me to be his “light emissary” in sharing this experience with the world and… Read more
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Lindy Kehoe
Lindy Kehoe enjoys living a spacious and peaceful life, choosing to reflect that quality within her dream-like work. Contemplative and quiet, her paintings are portals into the sublte realms of rememberance, shape-shifting in care of the viewer. Her mediums include oil paints on canvas, acrylic, earth pigments (stoneground), clay-based eco paints, water colors and ink on paper. The body of work on this sight reflects a decade of painting after her studies at Ohio University,… Read more
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Yurik Riegel
Yurik Riegel’s imagery speaks of the teachings of the Buddha, David Deida, Ray Kurtzweil, Deepak Chopra, Ekhart Tolle, and many other great thinkers. His art is an intensely emotional two-way conversation about personal transformation, spirituality, the coming technological singularity, and the challenge of saving ourselves from ourselves. It also dares to whisper a positive message – heralding the growing trends of urban tribalism, personal exploration, positive psychology and global connection. His paintings are an up-to-the… Read more
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