Bliss Camp on vacation
Blissings to all!… Read more
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Heart Bliss
HEART BLiSS ❤ HEART KiSS ❤ HEART KiSS BLiSS TO CELEBRATE LiFE WiTH YOU iS OUR WiSH For many years our sweet soul tribe has gathered at HEART BLiSS to share in Yum our community grew from the fabulous fun… till our beloved MOTHERSHiP could no longer hold all the brilliant beings who wanted to go. So we searched and searched for a new place to land nurturing our HEART BLiSS to expand and thankfully… Read more
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Blissings to all! Welcome home, bless your light! We are happy to shine with you in delight in the Mendo redwoods in the fall as we Heart Bliss our life. We are so happy that you joined us in co-creation of this magical celebration!… Read more
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Sensitive People
After a series of YouTube hits including “The Man From Marin” and “Sensitive People”, Vir McCoy brings his “New Age Laughter Medicine” live. Vir can also be found performing with the Dogon Lights and Hamsa Lila.… Read more
Tickets will go on sale June 17th Early Bird  tickets will be $130 till end of June or until they run out! Next tier tickets will be $150 Last Chance tickets will be $170    … Read more
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Welcome to Bliss Camp
•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤•*´¨`*•. Blissings to All! Come galactivate your heart space and co*create magic at our Bliss Camp four-day gathering at Camp Navarro in the beautiful Mendocino Redwoods. We invite you! Let us delight YOU!! Join us this fall ~ make meaningful connections ~ share joy and smiles Music, Art, and Yum! = its gonna be so much fun!! Workshops, Playshops, Creation Stations … Tea Lounge, Healing Sound, Dance & Get Down Edutainment, Pleasure & Play! Sustainability,… Read more
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