Need to Know

Check-In Time

Guests can join our Blissful celebration at the following times:
1) Thursday, September 11th between 2PM and 10PM
2) Friday, September 12th and Saturday September 13th between 10AM and 10PM.
3) Sunday September 14th, between 10AM and 6PM
Although our gates are open until 10PM, we highly recommend that you arrive before dark (~7:00PM) to facilitate your walk and set up.

Bliss Camp performers, volunteers, and crew will receive separate instructions.


Arriving to Bliss Camp

Please plan to arrive to Camp Navarro on Thursday September 11 at 2:00PM. Camp Navarro is located at 901 Masonite Industrial Rd. Navarro, CA 95463. Please see more details about the location and directions to get here on the Bliss Camp Location Page.

No one will be allowed to line up on Masonite Industrial Road prior to the gates opening at 2:00 PM on Thursday September 11. And no one will be allowed to camp on this road! Masonite Industrial Road is frequented by fast moving logging trucks that make it a very dangerous place for people to stop, play, or hang out. If you arrive to the area early, please stop in Boonville, the Navarro General Store, or Philo and wait until 2:00PM. There is plenty of camping space for everyone: you will have your pick of a sweet spot!

Further instructions about your Arrival can be found on our “Guide to Landing & Finding your Bliss Camp Home” in the Camping page.


Parking and Camping

Camp Navarro can host 1,500 comfortable campers on the property and Bliss Camp is our intimate family gathering of around 500 friends. When you arrive, we encourage you to breathe deep, take a walk around and find a spot that calls out to you. There are two primary camping areas, the RV/Trailer Area and the Main Campground. All guests will park in the upper parking lot (second entrance on the right); please follow our signs. More details about Parking and Camping are included in our “Guide to Landing & Finding your Bliss Camp Home” in the Camping page.


No Camping on Monday Night, September 15

On Monday you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay at Camp Navarro. All our Bliss Camp guests need to be packed up and on the road by 12:00PM on Monday September 15h – no exceptions! This is a requirement of our contract with Camp Navarro.


Spread the Bliss

All at our family gathering are expected to be respectful and honoring of each other’s presence. Let’s galactivate our heart space and co*create magic with each other with respect and consideration in mutual Blissification.

Late night drumming is not allowed, as the beautiful and vast property at Camp Navarro still carries the sounds quite far. We want to be respectful of our neighbors. Late-night acoustic song circles around our campfire and impromptu performances by traveling troubadours throughout the gathering are encouraged!

Love one another, help one another, uplift one another, empower one another.


Our youngest guests

Children ages twelve (12) and younger are allowed to join us at Bliss Camp with a free-of-charge camping pass when they are in the company of a parent or adult guardian (i.e. 18 y. o. and older). The Kids Zone at Bliss Camp is a place for parents and care-takers to explore with their children, and for all Bliss Camp guests to find their inner-child. It will allow connections to support one another and help watch each other’s children occasionally. The Kids Zone does not offer a drop-off service and should not be considered as day care.


Sacred Fire

Fire danger is a significant concern, both for preservation of Camp Navarro’s natural environment and for our safety. Unless a county fire restriction goes in effect, there will be two places where sacred fire will burn through the duration of Bliss Camp: the fire pit on the main lawn and the fire pit near the tea lounge.

To the benefit of all involved, all other campfires are strictly prohibited. Starting a fire will be sufficient cause for the grounds keepers at Camp Navarro to remove you from the premises and hold you financially, and legally responsible for damage or injury resulting from any fire caused by you from any ignition source, campfire or otherwise. Not to mention, the universe will hold you karmically responsible. Let’s love and respect the land!


Meals and Drinks

Your ticket includes one vegetarian meal per day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Our beloved friends from Seva Ashram in Santa Cruz will be spreading the bliss in nourishing our bodies during lunch time. There will also be food vendors, Bliss Cafe and Al Foraio, with delights for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Bliss Camp is an alcohol-free event. Alcohol will not be sold, and it is not permitted on the premises.

There will be PLENTY OF ICE available for purchase at the Camp Navarro Trading Post, along with other delicious treats such as pop-corn, lemonade, and other snacks.


Trash, Recycling, and Composting

We are committed to sustainable living practices and minimizing any impact on the environment, and we invite you to join us in this commitment. Recycling and composting practices are required throughout the camp. There will be easily accessible trash and recycling cans scattered around the grounds. Please clean up after yourself and even after your camping neighbors who might have forgotten to do so. Pack it in, Pack it out & Leave no Trace!


Water, Blissware, and Washing.

Abundant water sources can be found throughout the property, at the kitchen, at bathrooms, at campground sinks and toilet areas, and is all safe to drink. Please be conscientious of the precious gift that is having abundant water at this difficult time of drought throughout the state of California. Take considerations for short showers during Bliss Camp (and at home!). We highly encourage all guests to bring their own blissware. Please remember not to wash the blissware in the bathroom sinks.


The Navarro River

It is the end of the summer, and California is experiencing a drought. The river will likely be running fairly low, but there are a couple of relatively deep swimming holes. The bottom is rocky, please be careful. Fishing is not allowed.


Poison Oak, Ticks, & Mosquitoes

Learn what Poison Oak looks like, bring herbal armor, and keep your eyes open for crawlers and plants who prefer not to be touched!


Pets and Service Animals

Although we love the puppies and other pets and wish them all piles of bliss, they cannot join in for Bliss Camp. The only exception is for service pets. Following ADA agreements in the United States, all service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the Bliss Camp guest’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, our Bliss Camp guest must properly and lovingly maintain control of the service animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.


Prepare for the Weather

Camp Navarro promises to hold a forecast of “Sunny with a Chance of Blissful”!! Please be prepared for warm afternoons and chilly evenings. The temperature will range from mid fifties to upper nineties. Click here to check out the weather forecast for the region when you start packing all your bliss!


Phone Service

There are no pay phones at Camp Navarro and there is only very limited cell service. A weak Verizon signal is often available in the upper campground parking lot, but there is no AT&T service. If an EMERGENCY situation arises where you need to reach somebody at Camp Navarro during Bliss Camp (not to make contact with friends or pass updates to them) you should call 707-895-3181 (camp host number).


A kind reminder to follow these simple rules:

– No firearms or weapons are allowed at Bliss Camp. Use of fire arms or weapons to cause harm on others or self will be sufficient cause for the grounds keepers at Camp Navarro to remove you from the premises and hold you financially and legally responsible for damage or injury resulting from their use.
– Only members of the Bliss Camp Crew are allowed to use motorized vehicles during the event. Please plan to arrive, park your car, and then bike or walk.
– Please avoid trespassing on neighboring properties and respect yellow “no trespassing” signs.
– No fishing allowed on the North Fork of the Navarro River, which runs through camp.
– We reserve the right to add additional items to this list.
– We reserve the right to remove any guests from the event who, in our sole and absolute judgment, are jeopardizing the health, safety or well-being of Bliss Camp guests or the Camp Navarro property including, but not limited to, failure to adhere to any of the guidelines listed above.


Forty two

We also mostly agree that the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42. Alright, we think that covers most things.